Coba-Cenote-Mayan village


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If you are passionate about the Mayan culture and its history, if you visit the archaeological site of COBA, you will enjoy it very much! Here are several things that you will not find anywhere else; the highest pyramid in the Yucatan, an archaeological complex of the largest in Quintana Roo, second only to Chichen Itza.

Its creation goes back millions of years, in the last Ice Age, when the sea level dropped and left the coral barrier exposed.
With the passage of time it became fertile soil for vegetation to grow and finally the tropical jungle that currently covers the peninsula emerged.
The first rains mixed with the carbon dioxide of the atmosphere that eroded the limestone and wells were formed that, over time, became much larger passages and tunnels, giving way to the creation of a Mayan oasis of huge systems of underground rivers, cenotes and caverns.
Guarded by the jungle, swimming in a cenote is an adventure that you can not miss during your visit to the Mexican Riviera Maya.
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