Playa Del Carmen and the Mayan Riviera are and have been in the past year’s the hottest real estate markets in Latin America.   

If you are thinking about buying a property to live in this cosmopolitan location, as an investment to rent it out or to have your own paradise spot in this dreamed area, Playa del Carmen, Puerto Aventuras or Akumal are THE spot such an acquisition.

Depending on how you are planning to use your property there are different things to consider so that you make the right choice. In Playa Paradise we are committed to help you in this process and guide you so that you can be sure of making the very best investment. It is a common misconception that a foreign person or company cannot own real estate in Mexico, let us make it simple for you. Whether it's a house or condo, an investment property, a hotel or other business, or even real estate right on the beach in Mexico's Restricted Zone, we help you make it happen.

Any foreigner who wants to buy property in Mexico's Restricted Zone can do!! There are two ways depending on the type of real estate being acquired:

  • Create a bank trust (fideicomiso)
  • Form a Mexican Corporation.

Yes! That simple!!! And once you have selected the property you want to buy, a permit is requested with the Foreign Affairs Department. A fideicomiso (bank trust) or Mexican Corporation is created and then the transaction is closed before a Notary Public.

Trust contract: a helping hand to real estate foreign investors in Mexico.

The Mexican laws permit foreigners to acquire the rights to use, enjoy and avail of real estate located in the coastal and border areas of Mexico through a trust contract (fideicomiso), the only legal instrument and the most advantageous available, foreigners can acquire land in Mexico for tourist or industrial purposes, having the same rights and obligations that a full ownership property gives.

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